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2017 Vol.43 Issue.£·

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Time£º2018-03-20¡¡


Research Progress of Oily Wastewater Treatment by Microbial Fuel Cells

WANG Gang, ZHAN Yali, WANG Heming¡¡1

Research Progress of Arsenic Removal from Water by Iron Oxide Coated Adsorbent

LI Yuxiu, ZHANG Huanzhen, LI Haiyan¡¡5

Research Progress on the Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater by UASB

YAO Xianyang, LIANG Ying, LIANG Jiahao, et al¡¡12

The Research Progress in the Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater by Biomass-Based Activated Carbon

WANG Fangchao, ZHANG Ning, ZHU Jianhang, et al¡¡17

Study on Preparation and Performance of Positively-Charged PVC/PEI Composite Ultrafiltration Membranes

ZHAO Bin, OUYANG Mi, ZHU Baoku, et al¡¡22

Study on the Dynamics and Influence Factors of UV/Fenton Based on the Fe0 Degradation of Atrazine in Aqueous Solution

WU Guangyu, YUAN Xiangjuan, XU Haiming, et al¡¡26

Study on Forward Osmosis Performance of Quaternary Ammonium Salt of Chitosan as a Draw Solution

XU Xiteng, HU Rui, YOU Xinbiao, et al¡¡33

Study on Kinetics of Nitrate Nitrogen Removing by Magnetic Graphene Supported Nano Iron-copper

GUO Bingyi, LIU Guimei, ZENG Yubin, et al¡¡38

Study on the Effect of Gadolinium on Aniline Wastewater Treatment by Microelectrolysis

WANG Jing, LUO Xin, YANG Yongli¡¡44

Effects of Cd(II) on the Sedimentation of Nano-TiO2 Particles

WANG Li, LU Yixin, YANG Chen, et al¡¡47

Sulfide Modification of Silica and Its Adsorption of Cu2+

LI Shengying, LAN Aijiao, ZHANG Yijia, et al¡¡52

Effect of Atrazine on Solid Phase Denitrification and Its Removal Mechanism

LI Jun, GAO Jie, HAN Jialin¡¡57

Study on Hydrophilic Modification of PTFE Flat Membrane by Codeposition of Catechol and KH560

 XUE Sikuai, LI Chengcai, GUO Yuhai, et al¡¡60

Preparation of Silane Coupling Agents Modified Halloysite-Fe3O4 Composites and Sb5+ Removal

ZHU Kecheng, ZHA Xianghao, GULIGENA, et al¡¡65

Study on Preparation and Performance of Electro-spun PVDF-HFP/SiNPs Composite Hydrophobic Membranes

GUO Xianjun, LIN Dichu, HOU Deyin, et al¡¡71

Study on Manganese Ion Removal in Electrolytic Manganese Residue Leacheate by Modified Activated Carbon and Zeolites

CHE Lishi, YUAN Cui, LEI Ming, et al¡¡76

Study on Structure and Property of Graphene Modified Composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane

XU Guoyang, LIANG Songmiao, FANG Jun¡¡81

Study on the Pretreatment of Pharmaceutical Intermediate Wastewater by Coagulation and Fenton

LI Qianqian, PAN Yang¡¡84

Pharmaceutical Watsewater Treatment by Microelectrolysis-AO-Ozonation-BAF Combined Process

LIU Yuqin, HONG Zhiqiang, WANG Jinggang, et al¡¡89

Advanced Treatment of Landfill Leachate in a Pilot Plant

HUANG Xiaoqin, WANG Xiaojun, WANG Beibei, et al¡¡94

Study on Dispersed Livestock Wastewater Treatment by UBF/Multi-layered Biofilter/Constructed Wetland Combined Process

ZHANG Linlin, JI Jing, LI Yingcheng, et al¡¡98

Research on Low C/N Wastewater Treatment by A/O Device Rapid Cultured Activated Sludge

LI Jie, CUI Kangping, WANG Kaichun, et al¡¡103

Application Research of Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology Treating Wastewater in Waterworks

DAI Zhongyi¡¡106

Performance Analysis of Coupled MED/RO Desalination Using Thermal Power Generating Unit Waste Heat

ZHOU Yajun, XUE Yuan, DU Xiaoze, et al¡¡109

Study on Petroleum Pollutants Removal in Water by Hydrodynamic Cavitation

LI Kui, ZHU Mengfu, DENG Cheng, et al¡¡115

Preparation and Properties of Graphene Oxide Modified PMIA Membrane

YANG Mei ZHAO Changwei, YANG Bin, et al¡¡119

Performance of Steel Slag Particles Three-Dimensional Electrode Reactor for Organic Pollutants Removal in Oily Water Treatment

LIU Weiwei, WANG Zhaoyang, LI Junfeng, et al¡¡124

Engineering Project of Wastewater Treatment Station Reconstruction in an Industrial Park

SUN Zhuqiu, YANG Bairen, DING Cheng, et al¡¡128

Project Case of Industrial Solid Waste LeachateTreatment by Chemical Method

TANG Lei, ZHAO Meng, HAN Pingfang, et al¡¡131

Project Case of Hospital Sewage Treatment

SUN Yingzhan, LIU Liqing¡¡134

Selection and Design of Submerged Ultrafiltration -Reverse Osmosis Process for Municipal Wastewater Recycling System

LI Wenming, LUO Hongwei, ZHU Yugang, et al¡¡137

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