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2017 Vol.43 Issue.8



Application Progress of Sulfur-Autotrophic Denitrification Technology in Wastewater Treatment

LI Wenchao, SHI Hansong, WANG Qi, et al 1

Application of Microalgae in Removing Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Wastewater

ZHEN Xi, CAI Jie, GUO Xing, et al 7

A Review of Technology and Engineering Practice of Nanofiltration Membrane Coupled with Water Treatment Agents

REN Yumiao 13

Research Progress on the Dibutyl Phthalate Degradation in Water by Advanced Oxidation Processes

XU Liping, ZHANG Chunlei, Zhao Lianfang 17

Research Progress in Heavy Metal Advanced Treatment by Supported Nanocomposite

ZHANG Chunmei 22

Study on Preparation and Characterization of Polypiperazine-Amide Composite Nanofiltration Membrane with PMIA Substrate

WANG Tao, WANG Jin, LI Xiang, et al 27

Effect of Physical and Chemical Interaction on Organic Fouling of Nanofiltration Membrane Based on XDLVO Theory Analysis

KOU Chaowei, ZHANG Ganwei, SHEN Shusu, et al 32

Study on Removal of PO43- in Water by Al/Zn Modified Bamboo Charcoal and Its Influencing Factors

SUN Haijun, FENG Yanfang, CAO Xuehong, et al 40

Preparation of Composite Forward Osmosis Membrane by Electrospun Polysulfone Substrates

ZHANG Cuicui, HUANG Manhong, LI Beibei, et al 44

Preparation and Properties of O-MWCNTs/PMIA Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane

YANG Bin, ZHANG Shaofeng, ZHAO Changwei, et al 50

Study on Degradation of Methylene Blue by Fenton-like System of Powdered Activated Carbon-Fe3O4 Magnetic Material-H2O2

LIU Jun, DU Runan, LI Yafeng 55

Benzyl Chloride Wastewater Treatmentby Aerobic Granular Sludge in a Continuous Flow Reactor

JIANG Chen, PU Wenhong, YANG Changzhu, et al 58

Efficient Treatment of Wastewater from the Phyllanthus emblica L. Juice Production by Coagulation Sedimentation

GE Shuangshuang, ZHANG Hong, ZHENG Hua, et al 63

Preparation and Research of Organic Nanoparticles Modified Polyamide Reverse Osmosis Membrane

YE Qian, ZHANG Jiaheng, CHEN Keke, et al 69

Effects of Thermal Hydrolysis Temperature and Time on the Release of Substances in Sewage Sludge

DU Yuanyuan, WANG Xun, WANG Shan 73

Study on Dynamic Adsorption Characteristics of Phosphate by Aluminum-Based Water Treatment Residual in Waterworks

QIU Fuguo, LU Chao, XU Junting, et al 77

Effect of Aerobic Aeration Time on Phosphorus Removal by Pure Oxygen Aeration SBR Process

WEI Jie, DENG Jiawang, LI Jun, et al 82

Pilot-scale Study on Rural Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Constructed Rapid Infiltration and Constructed Wetland

JIANG Tingliang, WANG Cuiping, LIU Xiaoji, et al 87

Study on Demonstration of Close-to-natural Treatment Technology for Rural Sewage Pond Wetland  in Southern China

GU Pengfei, YU Tao, CHEN Huanyu, et al 90

Study on the Treatment of High COD and Ammonia Nitrogen Containing Wastewater by Two- dimensional Electrocatalysis

PU Liu, CHEN Wu, DOU Lihua, et al 93

Study on Marine Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment by A/O Bio-contact Oxidation Technology

FEI Xiang, ZHANG Xiaoyi, ZHOU Zhiming, et al 97

Technical Analysis and Pre-experimental Study on Enhanced Phosphorus Removal by Chemical Method for Modified Carrousel Oxidation Ditch

ZHANG Tao, ZHAO Yonghong, TU Jiancheng, et al 101

Analyze of Pyrolysis Dewatering Liquid Wastewater Treatment by Improved MBR Process

WANG Wenqi 105

Pilot-scale Study on Dibasic Acid Wastewater Treatment by AMBBR-SMBBR Process

YANG Wenhuan, SUI Xiubin, YU Linghong, et al 109

Removal of Typical Pollutants from Coal Gasification Wastewater by Multi-Stage A/O and Modified Process

HUANG Da, YANG Yongzhe, GAO Zhuang, et al 114

Application of Micro-sand Enhanced Suspended Sludge Filtration for Side-stream Phosphorus Removal

TANG Haijiang 119

Study on the Effect of Membrane Flux on Integrated A/O-MBR Process for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

ZHAO Haiqing, DENG Guoping, HE Deqiang, et al 123

Design and Operation Effect of Wastewater Treatment Project for Expressway Service Area

XU Hongbin, LI Yuan, LI Lijun, et al 127

Engineering Application of Modified D-A2O Technology for Natural Rubber Production Wastewater Treatment

ZHOU Zhiming,YE Changbing, YUE Shugang, et al 130

Project Case of Domestic Sewage Treatment by Buried Integrated AO Contact Oxidation Technology

ZHU Yangguang, YANG Jie, QIAO Mengmeng134

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