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2017 Vol.43 Issue.9



Research Progress of GO Modified Composite Nanofiltration Membrane

ZHANG Yingjie, DAI Jiwu1

Research Progress of Radioactive Iodine Treatment by Adsorption Method from Water

BOUNSOU Pankeo, ZHANG Xiaoyuan, Gu Ping, et al6

Research Progress of Fluoride-containing Wastewater Treatment by Adsorption Method

LIU Hang, PENG Wen, LU Jichang, et al13

Reduction of Trinitrotoluene by Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Confined in Mesoporous Channels

ZHANG Ruimin, LI Jiansheng, GUAN Ying, et al19

Relationship between Faradaic Reactions and Electro-Adsorption and Water Hardness Removal in Capacitive Deionization Process

JIANG Shaojie, ZHANG Ruohan, XIONG Guanquan24

Effect of Acid and Alkaline Pretreatment on the Properties of Struvite Crystallization Recovered Products 

WEI Lin, HONG Tianqiu, LI Ruzhong, et al28

Effect of PEG on Microstructure and Properties of CPVC Ultrafiltration Membrane

GU Qianqian, YANG Honghai, ZHANG Wei, et al33

Adsorption of Cd(II) from Aqueous Solution by the Porous Biomorph-Genetic HAP/C Composite of Eucalyptus Template

TAN Xiao, ZHU Zongqiang, CAO Shuang, et al38

Compaction and Mechanical Properties of Nano-Composite Membranes of Cellulose Acetate and Graphene Oxide

LI Hongqiang, ZHU Zhelai, ZHAO Haiyang, et al43

Study on As (III) Wastewater Treatment by Ultrasonic Assisted Nano Iron/Oyster Shell Material

ZHOU Hua, ZHANG Xiaohua, XIONG Lifeng, et al47

Effect of PVAc on Structures and Properties of PVDF Membranes

SHAN Yongguang, LIU Chunling, LIN Zhenfeng, et al52

Kinetic and Influencing Factors of Diclofenac Oxidation in Water by Sodium Hypochlorite

YAN Jingna, ZHANG Xiaohan, REN Yuan56

Adsorption of Cd(II) in Aqueous Solution by Granular 4A Molecular Sieve/Attapulgite

AO Xiang, LIU Hong, WANG Qian, et al62

Preparation of Pig Manure/Straw Composite Carbon and its Adsorption of Cr6+

ZHANG Zhijun, Cheng Ping, DU Jiawei, et al67

Study on Preparation and Properties of TiO2-SO3H/PVDF-g-PSSA Nanocomposite Membrane

KONG Mengxiao, WANG Lei, LI Chen, et al72

Research on Ultrafiltration Combined Process in Application of High Concentration Salt Brine Purification

SHANG Wei, SUN Lei, SUN Ming, et al77

Study on Copper-containing Wastewater Treatment by Nanofiltration

ZHU Jianyang, JIN Qiang81

Application of Integrated A/O Device for Wastewater Treatment of Medical-Device Production

OU Hongxiang, CHEN Guanghao, XU Yanzhao, et al84

Study on Denitrification of Thermal Power Plant Wastewater by an Intermittently Aeratated Sequencing Batch Reactor

SHENG Xiaolin, LIU Rui, ZHU Jianfeng, et al89

Study on the COD and NH3-N Removal Efficiency in Organic Industrial Wastewater by Two-Dimensional Electro Catalytic Oxidation

TANG Jun, PU Liu, CHEN Wu, et al94

Pilot Study on the Efficiency and Mechanism of Pre-ozonation Conventional Process for 2-MIB&GSM Removal

HUANG Yuqi, LI Cuimei, XU Chenyu, et al96

Engineering Application of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Wastewater Treatment by Anaerobic Technology

TIAN Zhongming, JIN Canglu, HE Xuewen101

Experimental Study on Magnetic Coagulation Technology for Emergency Drinking Water Treatment of High-Turbidity Raw Water 

YANG Xu, GAN Shu, WEN Sheng, et al104

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Advanced Treatment by Catalytic Ozonation with Catalyst CeO2 -MgO/AC

 YUE Shan, YANG Yongzhe, YANG Hongbo, et al109

Study on Performance of Membrane-Free Electrodeionization Device Based on Activated Carbon Fiber Electrodes

ZHOU Xiangren, YANG Sihui, TANG Yue, et al115

Reason Analysis and Solutions for High Differential Pressure in Reverse Osmosis System

ZHANG He, LIU Wenchao, ZHANG Hongbo, et al121

Exploration and Practice of Closed Circulation Operation for Raw Water Pretreatment in Thermal Power Plant

JING Pengwei, XIA Yuliang124

Research on Municipal Wastewater Advanced Treatment and Sludge Disposal Based on Nano-catalytic Electrolysis

ZHAO Yuqin128

Research on Surimi Processing Wastewater Treatment Technology

LIN Zhifu132

Project of Elution Wastewater Reuse in an Automobile Manufacturer

LIU Jun, DU Runan, LI Yafeng, et al136

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