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2017 Vol.43 Issue.10



Review on the Development of Desalination Industry in China

YANG Shangbao 1

Industry Status of Seawater Desalination

ZHENG Genjiang, LI Hongqiang, XUE Libo, et al 4

Discussion on the Intensified Technology Development of Heat Exchange Tubes in Tubular Distillation Desalination

XIA Yahao, CHEN Zhili, FENG Yuzhao, et al 7

Research on Preparation of High-flux RO Seawater Desalination Membrane

CAO Zhen, TIAN Xinxia, LI Hao, et al 11

Study on Synthesis of Graphene Oxide/Polyimide Hollow Fiber Membranes and Its Desalination Performance

FENG Bo, XU Kai, XIAO Xueshan, et al 16

Multi-objective Optimization of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems with Spiral Wound Membrane Element under Boron Restrictions

DU Yawei, XIE Lixin, GUO Xiaojun, et al 20

Numerical Computation of Design Parameters for Two-pass SWRO Desalination System with Two Stages

LU Bin, YANG Zhifeng, SHEN Xiaohong, et al 28

Development of a Solar Desalination System Based on Ultrasonic Atomization

YANG Ke, CHEN Xuepan, GUO Hao, et al 33

Application of Closed Type Gate Valve in Pre-generation Seawater Desalination System

TANG Zhixin, WU Liyun, ZANG Yangang, et al 37

Application of MVC Seawater Desalination Technology for a PWR Nuclear Power Plant

SONG Fengwei, XU Xiuping, LI Lianghao 40

Application Research of Solar-thermal Seawater Desalination System with Zero Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption

WANG Cicheng, TAO Ye, SUN Jia 43

Technology and Application of Off - grid Wind Powered Seawater Desalination

GAO Tian, WANG Kening, YU Yongjiang, et al 46

Research Progress of Aeration Purification Technology for Black and Odorous Water Body

YANG Zhaohua, HE Liansheng, JIANG Dengling, et al 49

Research Progress of the Application of Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater

ZHANG Yifan, WANG Aijie, CHENG Haoyi 54

Study on Degradation of Natural Organic Matter from the Sludge in the Pearl River

WU Jiejie 60

Analysis and Cleaning Process Optimization for Column Membrane Bioreactor Membrane Fouling

LI Quanguo 65

Preparation of CA Forward Osmosis Membranes Blend with Additives and Study of Antifouling Ability

MA Teng, WANG Lei, ZHANG Huihui, et al 68

Research of Cr6+ Adsorption by Cerium/ferroferric Oxide Composite Material in Water

OU Mengyin, WU Lieshan, DENG Qiongge, et al 72

Study on Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Pb(II) Adsorption by Lead Ion Imprinted Polymer

CHEN Shengyu, TANG Chengyong, SHI Bingfang, et al 76

Comparison of Biofilm Forming Performance and Feature with Differnt Carriers in Falling Water Driving Rotating Biological Contactor

FENG Jingxian, LU Xiwu, YANG Zixuan 80

Lead-zinc Mineral Processing Wastewater Treatment by Coagulation-Heterogeneous Fenton Oxidation Process

YI Longsheng, HE Lei 85

Research on Industrial Wastewater Advanced Treatment by Zero-valent Iron-Biological Aerated Filter

XU Xiaoqiang, XUE Gang, CHEN Hong 89

Performance Study on Vertical Flow Packed Bed Graded Reoxygenation Pool Integrated Biofilm Reactor

LIU Xin, LI Yiming, QIAO Weichuan, et al 95

Lead Treatment in Practical Mine Wastewater by Microbial-Chemical Flocculant

YAO Yingji, LIU Shuli, LIU Wei, et al 99

Experimental Study on Desulfurization Wastewater Comprehensive Utilization Treatment Process in Coal-fired Power Plant

ZHOU Mingfei, WU Huoqiang, WANG Jing, et al 103

Pesticide Wastewater Advanced Treatment by New Electrolytic Membrane Reactor

GUAN Ying, LIU Run, ZHANG Ruimin, et al 110

Experimental Study on Integrating Membrane Technology of the Potato Starch Wastewater

WANGYingping, HE Baohua 114

Research of Rules in Continuous Flow-Intermittent Aeration Process for Domestic Sewage Treatment

HE Haiyan, SUN Changshun, CHEN Xuan, et al 117

Application of Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration Technology for Wastewater Reinjection in Offshore Platform

ZHANG Xiliang 122

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment by Micro-Electrolysis Coupled with Biological Magnification

WANG Kun, QIN Shulin, WANG Zhongquan 124

Application Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wastewater Treatment

CHE Jiangang, WAN Jinbao, DENG Mi, et al 128

Practical Application of UBF+A/O+MBR Combined Process for Chemical Wastewater Treatment

SHI Guojian, WANG Chen, ZHANG Shuangshuang, et al 131

Engineering Reconstruction Treatment of Beneficiation Reagents Production Wastewater with High pH and High Sulfion Concentration

CHEN Hongyan, CHEN Han, WANG Qiao, et al 134

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