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2018 Vol.44 Issue.2



Research Progress on the Application of Forward OsmosisWater Treatment Combined Process

YANG Wangzhen, GU Zhengyang, GONG Chao, et al 1

Review on As(V) Removal from Water by Precipitation and Membrane Technology

YAO Renda, YANG Hong 6

Research Progress on Phosphorus Synergetic Removal by Ferric Salt in Wastewater

JI Bin, QIN Hui, CHEN Wei, et al 11

Application Research Progress of Fly Ash in Water Containing Arsenic Treatment

YANG Liu, LIU Hang, YANG Yufeng, et al 15

Optimization of PVDF/pDOPA Membrane Surface Modification by Response Surface Methodology for MBfR

YUAN Xiaotong, ZHANG Lijuan, WANG Xuan, et al 20

Control Study of Disinfection By-products during Sequential Chlorination in Micro-polluted Source Water

JI Yaoyao, ZHAO Meng, ZHOU Li, et al 24

Research on Dynamic Synergistic Scale Inhibition of  ESA-IA-AMPS Copolymer with Magnetic Field

YAN Meifang, TAN Qiangqiang, LI Haihua, et al 29

Study on Preparation and Performance of Cellulose Acetate Forward Osmosis Membrane

WANG Lei, HAN Jun, XU Yuanjian, et al 33

Short-term Effects of Ni2+ on Biofilm Activity and Extracellular Polymeric Substance

SONG Haoliang, QIU Bing, ZHAO Yiliang, et al 37

Effect of Cupric Ion on Bisphenol S Degradation by Thermal Activated Potassium Persulfate

WANG Qun, LU Xiaohui, BAI Xiaofeng, et al 42

Effect of Magnetic Core Preparation Conditions on the Properties of TiO2 /Al2O3-Fe3O4 Photocatalytic Magnetic Fluid

GU Qingfang, REN Xuechang, XIAO Juqiang, et al 46

Experimental Research on Brine Wastewater Treatment System with Air

RONG Cheng, ZHANG Suolong, DAI Wei, et al 51

Influences of Surfactants on the Forward Osmotic Membrane Properties and Forward Osmosis Performance

YANG Shujun, JI Min, CHEN ShiaoShing, et al 56

Experimental Study on Nitrosobacteria Culture for High Ammonia-nitrogen Wastewater Treatment

ZHENG Pengsheng, WU Xueqian, ZHOU Rulu, et al 60

Effect of Returned Sludge Anoxia Time on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in A2O System

YU Honggang, YUAN Linjiang 63

Experimental Study on Treatment and Energy Extraction of Dairy Wastewater by Chlorella

GU Liwei, MA Sanjian,YANG HaiLiang, et al 68

Hydrophilic Modification of Polytetrafluoroethylene Flat Membranes Coated by Post- crosslinking Method

LI Chengcai, ZHANG Hang, ZHU Hailin, et al 71

Experimental Study on Practical Heavy Metal Wastewater Treatment by PEX

WANG Gang, GUAN Yingbing, CHANG Qing, et al 76

Advanced Treatment of Coal Gasification Wastewater by Powdered Activated Carbon-Ceramic Membrane Catalytic Ozonation

CHEN Tianyi, LI Gen, WANG Zhuo, et al 80

Comparison on Effectiveness of Rotating Biological Contactor and Rotating Biological Cage Used for Mustard Tuber Wastewater Treatment

WANG Jianhui, CHEN Youpeng, GUO Jingsong, et al 84

Biofilm Formation and Start-up of Suspended Ceramic Biological Aerated Filter in Wastewater Treatment

DUAN Yan, LU Shaoming, JIANG Di 88

Characteristic Study on Wastewater Treatment in High Altitude Area by A2/O Process

CHEN Xiangyu, HAO Kaiyue, SU Dong, et al 93

Rural Domestic Wastewater Treatment by IFAS Integrated Process

BAI Yang, LIU Xundong, LI Qichao 97

Study on the Effect and Mechanism of PAC with Mg2+ Coagulation on Municipal Secondary Tank Effluent

WANG Zhe, SUN Liping, FU Chuanqi, et al 100

Purification of the Black and Odorous Water of Pond by Immobilized Microorganism Technology

YIN Li, ZHANG Penghao, CHEN Weiyan, et al 105

Study on the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cell-Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment and Simultaneous Electricity Generation

Li Xue, Wang Lin, Wang Li 109

Study on Air-Lift External Circulation Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor for Chinese Patent Medicine Wastewater Treatment

CHU Xiaoxiao, CHEN Xiaoguang 115

Stability and Influencing Factors of Electro-catalytic Oxidation Reactor for Domestic Sewage Treatment on the Offshore Oil Platform

YIN Zhuhui, XIE Jun, HUANG Guangliang, et al 120

Study on Low Content Ammonia Nitrogen Containing Wastewater Treatment by Up-flow Zeolite Biological Aerated Filter and Its Bioregeneration

MARKUS W Mirino Jr, WANG Xiaojun, CHEN Zhenguo, et al 124

Analysis about Leachate Treatment Status of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plant in Chengdu

YAO Yuan, LIU Zheng, TU Weimin, et al 128

Engineering Example of Spinning Oil Wastewater Pretreatment

WANG Zhongxu, WANG Honglei, ZHENG Yanfen 133

Treatment of Wastewater from Pharmaceutical Intermediates by Micro Electrolysis-Biochemical Combination Process

LIU Lin, LI Tian, JING Luyang, et al 136

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