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2018 Vol.44 Issue.5

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Time£º2018-06-26¡¡


Polymer Materials Applied for Water Treatment in Eco-environmental Engineering: A Review

TANG Ruogu, GU Tingting, TANG Jianjun¡¡1

Research Progress of Regulatory Process of Anammox Adopting Nitrosation

ZHANG Min, WANG Yaoqi, JIANG yin, et al¡¡7

Preparation of Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic PVDF/PEI-EDA Composite Membrane and Its Anti-Fouling Performance

ZHANG Shaofeng, QI Peng, HOU Deyin, et al¡¡13

Study on the Removal of Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water by H2O2/UV

YUAN Jian, XU Kai, LUO Xiaoping, et al¡¡18

Preparation of AgCl/PES Composite Membrane and Its Adsorption Removal for Br- from Aqueous Solution

GUAN Ruoling, WANG Haizeng¡¡22

Study on the Orange G Removal by Graphene Composite Material Coupling with PMS

HAO Shangbin, CHEN Jiabin, HUANG Tianyin, et al¡¡27

Preparation of mpg-C3N4/rGO Composite Photocatalyst and Its Catalyst Performance

CHEN Sheng, KONG Xiangqian, XU Shihong, et al¡¡33

Study on the Preparation and Anti-fouling of SiO2-SO3H hybrid PVDF-g-PSSA Membrane

LI Guangyuan, WANG Lei, LI Chen, et al¡¡38

Experimental Study on Degradation of Atrazine by O3/PMS in Phosphate Buffer

DING Zhangkai, ZHANG Jianqiang, HE Yue, et al¡¡43

Preparation of PPy-TiO2/CSC and Its Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Gallic acid Wastewater

TIAN Fenyang, WANG Haiyan, HUANG Tao, et al¡¡48

Research on Pb(II) Removal in Wastewater by Ultrasonic Enhanced Biosorbent

LI Huidong, LI Xiaolei, HUO Kaili, et al¡¡53

Reduction of N-nitrosodimethylamine with Zero-valent Iron in the Presence of Transition Metal Ions

HAN Ying, JIANG Beibei, TIAN Xueyi, et al¡¡57

Effect of Heavy Metal Ni Stress on Anaerobic Disposal of Constructed Wetland Waste

SHANG Jie¡¡61

Study on Adsorption Capacity and Mechanism of Heavy Metals by CaCO3 Microspheres

DENG Qin, CHENG Zhifei, LIU Huijuan, et al¡¡66

Effect of Plate Spacing on Methyl Orange Wastewater Degradation by Electric-Biological System

DING Xiaoyang, CHENG Fang, ZHANG Jingli, et al¡¡70

Study on Treatment of Polluted River by Magnetic Flocculation Process

WANG Xiaojie, DONG Wenyi, WANG Hongjie, et al75

Effect of pH on Biological Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal by Novel Post-Denitrification System

JIA Dan, LI Zhuoran, ZHONG Zhiguo¡¡79

Study on Nitrogen Removal Effect of Pre and Post Denitrification Filter

XU Heng, LU Shaoming, LI Jiashu, et al¡¡84

Experimental Study of Micro-polluted River Treatment by Ecological Filter Dam

YU Luji, LV Xiaoyan, LI Yangyang, et al¡¡88

Study on Rural Sewage Treatment by Improved Biological Trickling Filter-Artificial Wetland

HUANG Yuanyuan, XU Dongyang, JI Rongping¡¡93

Process Optimization of Concentrating Glutamic Acid Fermentation Broth by Electro-Membrane Process

LI Shuai, WANG Jianyou, FENG Yunhua, et al¡¡98

Characteristics and Types of Internal Waves Induced by Circulated Flowin Stratified Water Environments

YANG Li, SUN Xin, REN GuangLin, et al¡¡103

Study on Organics Removal in Livestock Wastewater by UASB and Biogas Production Characteristics

WEN Yun, LIU Xiaojia, WANG Xiaohui¡¡108

Performance Study of Nitrogen Removal in Simultaneous Partial Nitrification, ANAMMOX and Denitrification (SNAD) Process in a Microbubble-Aerated Fluidized Biofilm Reactor

LIU Ping, WANG Xiao, LIU Chun¡¡113

Research on Membrane Fouling Mechanism of Coagulation-Ultrafiltration Short Flow Process under Low Temperature

GAO Yunan, WANG Xinzhi, ZHOU Litao, et al¡¡119

Reasons Analysis of Seawater Desalination Production Reduction and Practice of Increasing Production

SUN Xue, WU Liyun, LI Qiang, et al¡¡123

Application Comparison of SBR and A2/O Processes for Denitrification in Wastewater Treatment Plant

XU Yilan, SHEN Xiaojia, CHEN Xuexiang, et al¡¡127

Engineering Project of Terylene Wastewater Treatment

WANG Zhongxu, WANG Honglei¡¡131

Engineering Project of Automobile Painting Wastewater Treatment by Multistage Contact Oxidation Process

ZHU Yufang, LV Liting, ZHU Tong, et al¡¡135

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